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    腾拓户外拓展(TENT)WUKONW outdoor development training service brand, established so far, long-term focus on team training and mentality incentive research, application and promotion.

    Tent 腾拓户外用品商城 We promise to create the maximum value for customers with wisdom and unremitting efforts, adhere to focus and professional leading the industry, coagulation, wisdom, continuous self-improvement, to provide customers with one-stop outdoor development training solutions.

    The site has several pages: Main Page, Latest News, Services, Products, Contact Us (please note how to contact us).

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  • Our Services


    The process of bringing others along with you to achieve a given goal.


    Without the right people, the organization is an empty promise.


    The action plan to achieve the goal should have strong feasibility.


    Coordinate and cooperate with each other in the process of target implementation.

  • Products

    Team 1

    Improve and strengthen personal psychological quality and merge.

    Team 2

    Enhance the spirit of team cooperation and shape team vitality.

    Team 3

    Feel the challenges of modern society, improve their ability to resist pressure.

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